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Thomas Schraudolf © 2013
I was born and raised in Oberstdorf, a small town in the middle
of the Bavarian Alps, which was ... well, let‘s just say that though
the mountains are really beautiful, they can make it hard to
broaden your horizons.

In this quiet mountain town, far away from design thinking,
unique subcultures and the desire to experience the world in
a new and extraordinary way, I spent most of my time drawing.

When I turned 18, I wanted to figure out if I could turn my
passion for illustration and design into a career.
So I moved to Hamburg and began studying graphic design
at the School for Graphic Design – Alsterdamm.

During my studies, I learned how to take inspiration from the
unexpected and how to utilize unconventional materials to bring
my illustrations to life. I fell in love with typography and became
fascinated by the idea of capturing emotions visually.

After graduating in 2012, I completed a six-month internship
with Landor Associates, a global branding firm, in Hamburg.